Your Septic Service Professional for Atoka, Oklahoma

For many homeowners living outside city limits, having a septic system can be an intimidating prospect, especially if they are used to living in an area with city sewer services. No one wants to spend time thinking about their septic system, but proper maintenance is important to prevent surprises and mishaps. Developing a relationship with a local company that offers full septic services will help properly maintain your system and give you assurance.

Septic Pumping Services to Maintain Your Investment

A septic system is a fairly closed system, meaning that it is not connected to a city sewer system that offers waste treatment. Proper routing maintenance is necessary to protect the investment in your septic system and your overall property value. Work with a company that provides knowledgeable septic maintenance to avoid costly and messy incidents.

Atoka, OK

Septic Tank Cleaning to Reset Your System

For a deeper cleaning of your septic system, it will be necessary to periodically have your tank completely emptied and cleaned. This is a more involved operation than a septic pump because it will also remove solid waste from the tank and foreign objects that might block drainage or impede flow to your drain field. This is also an ideal time to have the tank inspected for cracks or damage, particularly with older systems. For systems with steel tanks, a cleaning will also allow a septic services professional to look for rust and potential failure points.

Restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses that need to dispose of grease, fat, and oils will also need to regularly utilize grease trap cleaning services. Allowing a build-up of these substances will help these businesses avoid potential problems and maintain compliance with local and state regulations.

For cleaning solids from a tank, you will also occasionally need a septic tank cleaning. In a septic system, some waste in the form of liquids is distributed slowly back into the ground via a drain or leech field, while scum (with a consistency between a liquid and solid) and solids stay in the tank. For long-term maintenance, pumping your tank will be periodically necessary. Pumping primarily removes scum or more liquid layers of solids. When cleaning is needed will vary according to the size and age of your septic tank as well as the number of individuals living at the residence where the septic system is being used.

Consideration of Septic Systems in Atoka

For homesites in Atoka, Okla., the city requires that all ordinances, state laws, and safety issues are adhered to. There can be no illicit discharges into the sanitary sewer system. The city’s Neighborhood Services Division monitors the EPA’s fats, oils and grease program with city limits.

Atoka, OK

Professional Septic Pumping Services in Atoka, Oklahoma

For many locations throughout Oklahoma, D & D Septic Tank Cleaning is available to help with questions about sanitation solutions. They install, maintain, and troubleshoot septic systems, with have over 40 years’ experience, and are on-call 24 hours a day in the case of an emergency. Their well-trained technicians are licensed in accordance with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

D & D Septic Tank Cleaning offers services to install and maintain septic systems. Here are some frequently asked questions about septic systems.

How Much Will It Cost to have my septic system pumped or cleaned?

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Are septic tanks environmentally friendly?

Because they use natural bacteria to break down waste, a septic system is environmentally friendly. Without the need for chemicals in a septic waste processing system, it also offers protection against potential contamination to the surrounding lands and communities.

How long does a septic system last?

With a properly sized tank for your residence, along with proper routine maintenance, a septic tank can last up to 40 years. A drain or leech field associated with your septic system may last as long as 50 years with proper upkeep.

Why I am having problems with my septic tank when it rains?

With an older septic system, particularly if it hasn’t been well maintained, there may be issues when there is heavy rain. This happens when there is standing water in your drain field, causing drainage from the septic system to slow down and possibly back up through pipes into your indoor plumbing fixtures. Work with an experienced professional to determine the cause and develop a plan of action.